Regula SDK Mobile Enterprise License (Unlimited)/Dual Platform/Android/iOS

Regula SDK Mobile Enterprise License (Unlimited)/Dual Platform/Android/iOS


Number of Users: Unlimited.

Integrate your Regula Mobile SDK into your Android mobile device to read, verify, and authenticate domestic and international travel documents, IDs/Passports. Customize your SDK license through a variety of modules, including:

  • MRZ (Machine Readable Zone)
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Barcode Reading
  • Photo Extraction + Cropping
  • VIZ OCR (Visual Inspection Zone / Optical Character Recognition)
Industries who are using this product:

Banking      Border Security and Law Enforcement      Rental Car-sharing      Travel Industry and Hospitality

Select your Document Reading Modules:
Select your VIZ OCR Module (Choose 1 Country, 1 Region, or World)

Europe/Africa/Middle East/Asia/North America/South America

Total options:
Order total:


How it works:

  • Focus the image in front of the mobile device camera.
  • Information is detected, parsed, and verified automatically.
  • The information is available in digital format for future needs.

Business Model: Annual licensing. The license fee is formed on a per-app / per platform (Android/iOS) / per module basis and the app users intended number.

  • A user is defined a mobile device user who downloaded and installed the application.
  • 1 country / 1 region / Full in the ViZ OCR module refers to database customization, so the database will only include te ID templates required for the project.
  • The number os scans is unlimited.
  • Maintenance and technical support are included in the license fee.


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